Peter Edwards - Introduction

A picture of Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards, collector, artist, craftsman. It's hard to contemplate such an imagination as Peters', he seems to have been gifted all the creativity that most of us have lost, where we see bric-a-brac he sees a thousand startling images crying to be released, though when he reads this the word "bullshit" will be first past his lips!

Buried in what must be one of the most unique home/studios on the south coast he is a constantly digging into the well of his life experience to produce work ranging from simple visual jokes to images of such impact they take the breath away.

His painting has a draughtsman's like quality that is impressive but as you gaze at his many pictures of woman, hints of the complex human situation almost force there way through the paint to confront the viewer with with a new and un-expected perspective.

His sculpture ranges from the bizarre to the gloriously functional, his use of cast-off plastic containers to fashion some wonderful masks has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

In the end, you could drop Peter onto a desert island, he'd look round, and within a hour you'd have a candle stick combined with a mournful comment of the current state of the human condition!